Cherish Spells

Cherishing relationships is vital. As the world is turning towards materialism, it has left less space for relationships. These are very simple ways to keep your family bonding alive.

  1. Spend time with your friends and family.A couple of months ago my grandchildren had planned on coming to Arizona for a weeks visit. My daughter and her husband both work and couldn’t find anybody to take them to the airport. I decided I would fly to Detroit, rent a car and fly back with them. I cherish my grandchildren. I would do anything for them.

My mom and dad are in their late eighties. I visit them weather I feel like it or not every time I go back to Michigan. They live an hour in the opposite direction from where we normally stay. It doesn’t matter. Their time on earth is nearly finished. I cherish time spent with them.

  1. Tell the people in your life how you feel about them.If it doesn’t come natural to you, all the more reason to do it often. It will begin to feel natural soon. Of course, “I love you” is what everyone wants to hear. Other phrases are, “I’m happy to see you. I care about you. You mean so much to me. I think of you often.” Everyone has three things in common: They need to receive love, give love and know that they matter. Tell people they matter!
  2. Become grateful.If you have friends and family you are blessed. Share your gratitude with them. Surprise them with a card in the mail. In the world of texting, cell phones and email receiving a card is a rare treat.
  3. Don’t withdraw your love.When you are hurt the temptation is to withdraw. You blame the other person for your pain. It’s your withdrawing that causes the pain. Practive forgiveness.
    One quick way to do this is to write out 3 things about this person that makes you mad. Then write out when the last 3 times you behaved in the same manner. What you judge someone for today…you’ll find yourself doing tomorrow.
  4. Don’t hide yourself from others.Let your light shine. Be yourself. Learn to feel good about yourself and respect who you are. Genuine people are attractive people. The world needs the unique you not a scaled down version of you.
  5. Send blessings and love to the important people in your life.Each night before I fall asleep I think of my children, grandchildren and siblings and parents. I send them love, positive thoughts, and blessings.I do this with my spouse daily. I’ve learned to associate with things I do so it’s a constant reminder. For example, I become grateful for his presence in my life when I fold his clothes or do the dishes.
  6. Surround yourself with memories.I have framed photographs and artwork of the people I love all over my house. To me, these represent the cherished memories I have, moments in time that cause me to feel loved. For me they hold more value than fine art.
  7. Cherish yourself.Tell yourself how important you are and stop all self-abuse, habits, addictions, self-hatred etc. Do nice things for yourself. Treat yourself to concerts, vacations; a message…the list is endless.

The world would be a happier place if we all practiced cherishing. It would be a more loving place as well. Don’t forget to begin with your top 10 and expand from there.